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My reply to Nitin Gupta (Rivaldo) article about Rahul Gandhi's statement on U.P.'s farmer conditions.


Hi Nitin,

I read your article about Rahul Gandhi and I must say I like the way you play with words and communicate your thoughts. I came to know about “ENTERTAINMENT ENGINEERS” couple of months ago and I have watched your videos and plays on YouTube and I must say they are awesome.

I don’t support any political party and I condemn what Mayawati is doing in U.P. and also what other political parties are doing in other states. I just want to bring your attention on few points you might be interested in and rephrase your article.


Rahul Gandhi was dropped out from college, however he never claimed himself as Harvard graduate. Infact, he completed his BA from Rollins College, University of Florida and after that he read for MPhil at Trinity College, Cambridge, and later worked at Monitor Group's London offices as a management consultant. I would also like to bring your attention to one more fact that Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was also said to be a drop out from Cambridge but we all remember him as a great leader.

Vinci was the pseudonym he had to adopt for security reasons during his stay in U.S. and England where he completed his education. His father was assassinated by LTTE and he changed his surname for the security reasons, there are so many people who change their complete identities because of life threats and live rest of their live with new name, but he can't even do that because he is no common man.


I don’t know how many people respect or support Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi ideologies, I certainly don’t, however i agree that he was a great personality and national figure and holds a great place in the world history.

But, Gandhi family’s surname has nothing to do with MAHATAMA GANDHI. If you don’t remember, I would like to remind you that Indira Gandhi was married to Mr. Feroz Gandhi and the surname came from there and not because they endorse Gandhism.


“He is neither YOUNG nor ICONIC”- to this statement I would like to say that most of the time I like your humor and sarcasm but this time it was a sad line.

Rahul Gandhi started his political career at the age of 33 in 2003 and that’s quite young Mr. Gupta, especially when you talk about Indian politicians who are not ready to leave their seats even at the age of 60.

Every day hundreds and thousands of people travel in Mumbai local and they are not considered as icon but Rahul Gandhi travelled for once and considered Iconic, justified because common man can’t afford luxury cars and aircrafts to travel but he can and still he travelled from local, that made him look different. If you try to look at the pictures published in TOI that day and read the comments from fellow passengers, you will come to know that people loved the experience because no other leader ever did that.

He going to remote villages and staying there, even if he is doing it for publicity, people connects with him and for them he is different from other regular leaders.

As far as the question of he being youth icon is concerned, he never asked anyone to give him awards or even nominate him, its people who nominated him and voted for him. He won YOUTH ICON award along with Omar Abdullah and Aishwarya Rai and I must tell you he is 2-3 months younger to Mr. Omar and 3 years older than Mrs. Bachchan. So if you are cribbing about you have not been nominated for the category, don’t be disappointed, there must be many engineering graduates who consider you their icon.


Detention or arrest was because of the cash or identity mistake is not yet confirmed. And, do you think that U.S. officials will leave anyone breaking the law just because Indian P.M. asked them to do so. I doubt it and that too when someone like George Bush was the president of U.S. at that time. I think you forgot how Mr. George Fernandes was mistreated at US airport.

There were many speculations to Rahul’s detention, one of that was US security people doubted him for carrying some disease and he was examined medically in detention.


There are many great leaders like APJ Abdul Kalam or business personalities like Narayan Murthy who cannot speak proper Hindi because it’s not their mother tongue but they are exceptionally good in their respective fields and we admire them and respect them. Our own Prime Minister Manmohan Singh too is not very good with the language, so we should mock at him too. Right?

Rahul Gandhi's most of the education happened abroad and also his mother is of Italian origin. If this is a crime then send all the people like Sidhharth Mallya, Shashi Tharoor out of India.


She never claimed that she has made any sacrifice. Infact, It was her party members sitting inside the assembly house and outside on the streets, requesting her to be the P.M. of the nation. She never asked to name her as the third most powerful women in the world.


Mr. Gupta, he is a leader from Janta Party, so it’s his responsibility to dig out all the scams and cases which can give bad name to Congress. When their party was in power, Congress did the same.

Our problem is, we don’t have an option to choose between RIGHT and WRONG. We are bound to choose between Less Wrong and More Wrong.

Once again, I am not supporting any party or politician. I am just saying that blame game will never lead us to anywhere. If we elect our leaders, we should support them and if we can’t support them and are unhappy, then join the system and change it. But, we cannot do that too because our father’s don’t have millions to give us and we need to earn and work to live. On this it reminds me one saying that “Losers Give Excuses”. If you can’t do anything then just writing random article would not help.


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