Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rakhi Sawant's hot & sexy offer to Ramdev


At last the multimillinoire bachelor, yoga guru and the latest crusader of corrupt free India Baba Ramdev will be free from his satyagraha, as the b-town oomph quotient and media favourite Rakhi Sawant has promised a life time tiltation to the yogi who may become a bhogi....

While the ruling party will be happy to know that Rakhi who was once eyeing Rahul Gandhi is now fallen head over heels to this saffron clad famous yoga teacher who has become more famous by his 'Clean India' andolan (protest) stolen from the veteran Aanna Hazare and now there are chances of his popularity breaking all TRPs for the day if he says 'yes' to B-town seducer Rakhi Sawant.

Rakhi dropped a bomb in Delhi yesterday when she said, "Swami is hot, sexy. Haven't you ever seen his flat tummy? Bas ek baar shaadi ki mala unpe daal doon, unki aankh fadakna bhi band ho jayegi.

Well on her shift to Baba Ramdev from Rahul Rakhi explains, "Mujhe nahin lagta Soniaji ke saath meri daal galegi. So I wouldn't mind marrying Swami Ramdev. He has loads of money and drives expensive cars. If this wedding happens, you all will get to see a glamorous sadhvi. Wouldn't that be interesting?"

Rakhi refused to address the yoga guru as 'Baba', because "Baba toh aap logon ke liye hain. Mere liye toh woh Swami hi hain. I hope he doesn't call me 'behen'.

And that's not all, the bimbo also has her future plan sorted out, she has even decided on the cover poster of the future yoga DVD that will be released after their marriage. The thrilled Rakhi says, "The yoga DVD which we will release will be far more sensuous and hot than Shilpa's. It will find several takers."

But the naughty Rakhi fears cops in her meeting with her sawariyaan, she says, "I'm just a bit scared of the cops, who might bash me up just as they bashed his followers. Lekin agar pyaar kiya toh danda kya?"

Yes it will be the most interesting pair if this happens by any chance, post your comments and say whether Rakhi is the ideal choice for Baba and if not then who....

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