Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Bankers and their cowardly stooges

We've been through the same hard times as many in this country - our life savings gone and our other investment properties taken within 90 days by banksters. Cry cry again. I know. I'm not complaining - just stating the facts.

I called the number of one of these crooked collection agencies - in Texas - and after speaking rather brutally to each and every one of them, and asking them why they didn't just hang themselves as enablers of the biggest money-addicts on the planet - was cut off.

'Tis amazing - that black men (who Martin Luther King fought for) and women (who's rights were earned by the suffragettes) are the very tools of these creepy bankster scum. I find it insulting to have people calling me on my cell phone who can't afford a cell phone asking me where's the money? What a joke. Americans are supposed to be better than that.

Maybe they will hang themselves - after all - that's what people working for crooked banksters deserve. They really are scum. Pretending that this is the best they can do - torture and terrorize unwitting Americans into paying up - for a crooked system that they, themselves, don't understand.

I understand desperation - but my desperation has never pushed me to betray my own morals. No - I'd rather starve. You Americans enabling the scum-crooks deserve what you have coming. If you think you can take it yourself - without hiding behind a phone - come and take it - NOW. 
We shall see how that works out.

I sometimes wonder if a scorched-earth policy is best to give the banks what they want. No - don't burn your house down - after all - this is reckless. Just leave them with a house that doesn't have functioning plumbing, electrical, or other vital functions necessary to extract value from the property.

Sound crazy? Sound radical? I don't care.

If it is morally correct to work to earn money from people who will make one homeless - then it is also morally correct to deny access to a roof to someone who just denied YOU of a roof. Sorry but that is the simple facts of the matter.

Take your money out of Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and any other crooked money-monopoly NOW - while you still can - and they don't make a law preventing such actions - because THIS WILL HAPPEN.

Sorry for the rage but what the hell - we need to talk about reality.

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