Thursday, October 20, 2011

USA: White House accused of Barack Obama 'green screen' trickery

The White House has been accused of digitally adjusting President Barack Obama's weekly address to the nation to give the impression he was sitting in front of a car assembly line in Detroit.

Experts in video effects said Mr Obama's talk on boosting employment had actually been recorded in front of a neutral "green screen" and the factory background filled in later. They said the edges around the president's head and shoulders were too sharp.

"The shot is obviously a composite and a 'weatherman quality' one," one professional in the field told BigGovernment website. "President Obama doesn't blend into the scene at all."

The White House denied the accusations. The claim followed a recent case where Michelle Obama was photographed shopping in everyday wear in a branch of the mass market Target store where an AP White House photographer conveniently happened to be.

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