Thursday, October 20, 2011

Here we go ... manipulating the protests to call for a global government. It was only a matter of time

Whoever put this video together is either desperately uninformed and naive about the game being played here to further enslave humanity, or they know exactly what they are doing.

Whichever it is, this is an extremely serious development and the protestors worldwide need to understand that. A world government, world central bank, world single electronic currency and a world army to impose the will of the world government is precisely what the Cabal that control the banks have been working towards.

It is this same Cabal that manipulated 'peoples' revolutions' that changed nothing in Egypt, caused mass murder of the innocent in Libya from the NATO bombardment of civilians, and wishes to do the same in Syria, Iran and many more countries.

Yet here is this deeply misleading video using these events as inspiration for the very 'world democracy' (world government tyranny) that would complete the destruction of human freedom.

If this video was put together because of naivety then get informed - and fast. If it was done knowingly you are a bloody disgrace. - David Icke

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