Thursday, October 20, 2011

A disgusting insult to the British people

By Maid of Kent – What has been obvious to the British National Party and its supporters for years has now become all too shockingly apparent to the British people, which is that if you import vast numbers of people from the Third World, you end up with a Third World country like the ones that they left behind.

Along with Third World crimes that were unknown (and unbelievable) in Britain a short 60 years ago, Third World diseases that were never known or had been eliminated here, Third World languages that often make English appear to be a minority language in its birthplace – even though it is spoken throughout the world, Third World corruption that would make even the politicians from the Lib/Lab/Con parties shudder and Third World standards in our schools, hospitals and public services, we now see our once green and pleasant land converted to a Third World slum with garage and garden shed shanty towns littering the immigrant-dominated suburbs of our cities.

Not content with leaving the hellholes that they originated from and grateful for the chance of a life in our once civilised and prosperous country, these Third World immigrants want everything their own way – to recreate their homelands, cultures and way of life here while enjoying a standard of living, wages, benefits and public services that their ‘hallowed’ homelands and cultures failed to give them.

That Britain was civilised and prosperous when run by and for the British people according to our culture and standards – NOT the cultures and standards prevalent in the Third World – should have perhaps given them a clue about the different results produced by different cultures, and that by coming to Britain and attempting to replicate everything from their failed homelands can result in one thing only – the reduction of Britain to a Third World hellhole like the one they left.

With no consideration or a moment’s thought for the British people whose country they have invaded and who have no wish to see Britain turned into a Third World slum or a replica of India, Pakistan or Africa, these immigrants pay no regard to our laws either.

The latest example, reported in the MSM, of Third World immigrants attempting to replicate their failed homelands in ours and their blatant disregard for the British people and British laws, is the rampant growth of illegally converted (and specially built) garages, sheds and bungalows in the back gardens of suburban homes owned by these Third Worlders which are then rented out to other immigrants, many of whom are illegal.

As demonstrated by a short visit to the websites showing satellite images of the streets of our cities heavily populated by immigrant communities, the amount of this illegal and substandard ‘housing’ is shocking and if left unchecked will see large areas of these cities reduced to Third World shanty town slums.

Why would immigrants who have left countries with such slums wish to replicate them here if it were not for greed and a breathtaking arrogance – the greed for self enrichment at the expense of their fellow citizens who have to tolerate the problems that such illegal dwellings cause, and the arrogance in believing that they can replicate all of the features of their own homelands without condemning our country to the same appalling results experienced in these Third World states.

That these ‘dwellings’ have been built in violation of British law, rented out as living accommodation – again in violation of our law, rented to illegal immigrants – who are breaking the law by their presence here and that the rents collected are undoubtedly not declared to the relevant tax authorities reveals a stunning contempt for our country, its laws and native people by those who should be grateful to be here.

It may shock these arrogant and thoughtless Third Worlders to know that the British laws, British traditions and British cultural behaviour which they treat with such disdain have been formed over centuries not only to accommodate and reflect the ideals and culture of the native inhabitants of Britain but to protect them from the hazards, costs and substandard conditions which are rampant in Third World countries which tolerate such practices.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Southall Council, the local authority responsible for upholding British planning laws in the area targeted by the MSM report on these illegal buildings, but which has taken no action to stop the problem, is entirely filled with non indigenous councillors.

It is timely to remind these people and their communities that the overwhelming majority of the indigenous British people did not want them here in the first place but were forced to offer a grudging acceptance to those immigrants who came here prepared to work hard and change their ways to integrate with the indigenous population but, having no wish to live in the Third World countries that they come from, we will not tolerate Britain being turned into a replica of their Third World homelands by them.

I recently overheard the conversation of a British-born daughter of West Indian immigrants when she was telling a friend about how wonderful her recent holiday to her parents’ Caribbean homeland had been – primarily because ‘it was a different way of life’ in the Caribbean than we experience in Britain and everyone was ‘so laidback’ and the pace of life was so relaxed: ‘If you didn’t feel like doing anything, you didn’t do it.’

I wanted to interrupt and point out that although that way of life may appear idyllic to residents of Western Europe, the very reason that the people living in the Caribbean suffer such poverty compared to Europeans is because of their ‘laidback’ attitude and lifestyle and that it is only due to our different attitudes and culture that we have been able to lift ourselves above the sustenance level of existence dominant in these more ‘laidback’ Third World countries.

Before the British work ethic and moral standards were destroyed by the extreme Marxist doctrines surreptitiously imposed on us by the politicians from the Lib/Lab/Con parties, the British people prospered and created a civilised society through their adherence to British cultural norms and values which demanded levels of behaviour acceptable to our cultural standards.

We can see no logical reason to change the cultural norms and values which made our country prosperous and civilised in order to accept the cultural norms and values of immigrants from Third World countries which have never offered their inhabitants the peace and prosperity that exists in Britain.

While the appalling and extreme Marxist ideology imposed on us by the Lib/Lab/Cons has destroyed much of that peace and prosperity and has caused some Britons to become little more than brainwashed slaves who do whatever their depraved and corrupt masters in Westminster order, there are still many Britons who retain their cultural standards and pride in their country. These people are rapidly tiring of the uninvited ‘guests’ in their country who wish to impose their Third World cultural standards on them, be it honour killings, inhumane slaughter of animals, corruption, crime or illegally built slum shanty towns.

The immigrants from these Third World countries cannot reflect on the poverty, corruption and injustice that their hallowed cultures forced them to endure in their homelands, with the result that they fled to the brighter offerings of a different culture, and cannot realise that if they continue to promote the growth of their native cultures in any new homeland they will simply recreate everything that they originally fled from – slum shanty towns included.

It is time that these immigrants and their British-born descendants gave some rational thought to their life in our country and decide which cultural norms and standards they wish to follow. If they really wish to reside in a replica of their native homelands, they would do better to return to them because the British people will not tolerate their desecration of our homeland by their primitive, uncivilised and unlawful Third World behaviour.

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