Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dear Mr F*** Off, would you like a Halifax account? LMAO

A father of one was stunned when he opened a letter from the Halifax bank offering him a credit card account which referred to him as 'Fuck Off'. Steve Smith, from Lancaster, was sent a letter addressed to 'Dear Off' and an application form with 'Fuck Off' printed on it - with the offensive word spelled out in full. The schools examination officer, 40, said he had been thinking of switching to a Halifax account, 'but there is no way I would now!'

'Luckily my daughter is four months old, not four years old, as I wouldn't want her to read such filth, especially from a trusted banking organisation.'He added: 'Unbeknown to the Halifax, I was about to move my current account to them. But there is no way I would now as they've already told me to f-off! 'At the minute, banks have a bad reputation, and this type of thing really doesn't help their cause.'

Even more bizarrely, the plastic window on the envelope had been broken and someone had tried to scribble out the name with a black pen.

'It was clear that somebody had noticed the derogatory term, as the window was broken and the name erased out,' said Mr Smith. 'But it didn't work as the swear word was still easy to see and the letter begins with "Dear Off. Also, on the next page, the application form is filled in with the same name. I have never applied for a Halifax credit card and, apart from the address, none of the details on the application form were correct.'

Mr Smith called Halifax's customer services to complain about the letter promoting their Clarity credit card, but was astounded at the bank's relaxed response. He was brushed off by an operator, who said the offensive note had probably been the work of an employee with a 'grievance against the company'. Mr Smith said: 'I thought their attitude was a disgrace. I work as an examinations officer in high schools and this year a pupil wrote some derogatory comments on the front of their Maths GCSE paper.

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