Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pastor Camping Can you Spare a Million Dollars for HARDONS BLOG Since You will Be Raptured Oct 21st. You will Not Need That Money Anymore if You Are in Heaven.

Did you know Pastor Camping made millions of dollars deceiving the flock to believe the rapture was back on May 21, 2011?

He did admit his maths were wrong and the new date is Oct 21, 2011 now. Since he is not going to need that money because he is going to enter the pearly gates of heaven to walk the streets paved in gold. I say Blogs like Hardons Blog can sure use a million dollars so the money can do some real good for humanity. That would be the best million dollars he spent. I know John Hardon will be a good steward with the funds. He would be a far better steward than most Christians are.

John Hardon is planning to save mankind and secure a future for the White Race. He would fight for your right of freedom to abuse your religion to fleece the flock for funds. He would also preach the right of your followers to be stupid and naive sending you money. The only good thing we can say about your followers is, they did not ask for a goverment bailout like the money junkies did when they made a bad decision. When you lied to them about being raptured last spring so you can sucker them out of more money, they will send more cash even when you are wrong. That is what America is about, living with your choices even if you are an idiot.

Since you say the rapture is coming Oct 21st. I say leave one million dollars for John Hardon so he can continue to make Hardons Blog a quality news service and the last bastion of free speech. Also tell your followers if they own guns to please give them to us and not the police station. We will need those weapons to battle the anti Christ forces while you all are in heaven looking down. If one of your followers has a house they can spare and a motor home since you all are going to heaven. John Hardon will be grateful to you. He will not say. But he will thank you by not squandering the funds and what is givin to him. For any of you Pastor Camping Followers who are reading this blog. Since you will not be needing the money because you will be walking in streets paved with gold after you've been raptured out of here.. Please donate to since you will not need the money anyway.

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