Friday, October 21, 2011

Build a new internet as the one we have is broken - says FBI

"And we'll just route all that traffic through our central control system to make sure those bad websites never get seen!"

THE computer networks that control power plants and financial systems will never be secure enough, so government and corporate leaders should consider developing a new, highly secure alternative internet, a top FBI official said today.

Executive Assistant Director of the FBI Shawn Henry said critical systems are under increasing threat from terror groups looking to buy or lease the computer skills and malware needed to launch a cyber attack.

Mr Henry said jihadist militants looking to harm the U.S. can tap organized crime groups who are willing to sell their services and abilities to attack computer systems.

He would not say which terror group or whether any insurgent networks have actually been able to acquire the high-tech capabilities.

But he said one way to protect critical utility and financial systems would be to set up a separate, highly secure internet.

Mr Henry said cyber threats will always continue to evolve and outpace efforts to defend networks against them, at a conference of the International Systems Security Association.

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