Friday, October 21, 2011

Zio Pig “Socialist” Strauss-Kahn Loves His Israel - Incog Man

I REMEMBER THIS White fool at a party telling me in all seriousness “I suppose you probably think Dominique Strauss-Kahn is a Jew and they’ll free him just because of that.” Uh, that’s exactly what happened two weeks later there, bozo boy.
The Jew media in the US pretty much went well out of their way to paint his Negro accuser in a negative light and set the stage for the Globalist slimeball’s case to get dismissed. Imagine what all the Jewish Feminist dykes might say if they did that for any White Gentile guy? The Jew-crafted PR hypocrisy/media spin was so sickening obvious as to be ridiculous.

All too typical for these sick rat traitors.
Hell, the Zio Pig just escaped another big rape charge back in France after prosecutors dropped the charges (a 21 year-old at the time, named Tristane Banon, his ex-wife’s own god-daughter). Chances are, most of you probably heard little or nothing in mainstream Jew media on the case, since they do whatever they can to keep the majority of Americans stupid about this privileged Jew elite class — or anything at all about Jews except never-ending holocaust crap.
Note the Israeli newspaper Haaretz’s headline on how horndog DSK greets the new day: ”Israel is first thing on his mind every morning.” Yeah, I bet that’s true, but fantasizing about forcing a hotel cleaning maid down on her knees for a little black shiksa oral sex is a close second. Filthy old Jew creep.
Folks: Israel and Jewry are the only loyalties Jews have, no matter what country they live. Just stew on that hugely pertinent fact for a minute: Jews really don’t give a damn about America, Canada, France — wherever. All they care about is all the special privileges Jews have in those countries and Israel getting our tax money, while we expend the lives of our soldiers for Jewish global ambitions, if need be.
Nothing but lousy, stinking traitors, no doubt about it!

“The English (or French or American, etc.) patriotism of the Jew is only a fancy-dress which he puts on to please the people of the country.”

— The Jewish World, December 8, 1911.
David Duke notes what a joke it was that DSK was going to run on the Socialist ticket in France when in fact he’s one of the privileged Jew billionaire elite.
That’s the sneaky, two-faced Jew in action, pal. They see no problem being rich as Croesus, while robbing your hard-working White ass to pay for social programs primarily benefiting Third Worlder scum. It works out just great for the Jew: Get the gullible Goyim to pay for his own destruction, sit back and laugh all the way to the bank.
People sometimes tell me ”oh, INCOG MAN, you think the Jews are responsible for everything bad.” You’re GD right I do. Hell, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s going down.
The lousy Jews are in fact destroying White people in every way. Our moralities, religion, sense of justice, reproduction, economy, countries, leadership — everything you could possibly imagine and more.
We ought to be dragging these subversive hypocrites out of their fancy mansions, upper Eastside condos and limos, forcing them at the point of the bayonet to march down to Texas and giving them the big boot right across the border into Mexico.

And if lousy Israel makes the least veiled threat of sparking the “Samson option,” we’ll just publicly announce that if anything should happen to the good old USA, European capitals or anywhere, for that matter, retaliation will include carpet bombing precious Israel with B61thermonuclear warheads — turning that troublemaking place into a melted sheet of radioactive glass for the next 25,000 years. 

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