Saturday, October 15, 2011

DAVID ICKE: When You Run With The 'Devil' And Take Money From The 'Devil' ... Your Soul Is The Collateral (And You Don't Get It Back)

How much does a soul go for these days, I wonder?

When you make pacts with the 'Devil', and the 'Devil' goes under - you go under, too. And the 'Devil' is going under, powerful as that force delusionally believes itself to be.

But, then, when you make pacts with the 'Devil' you've already lost anyway. What is left when your soul has been purchased for cents on the dollar or for all the 'wealth' in the world?

Just a shell with nothing 'in' it - just enough 'mind' to keep it animated - though now with a 'possessor' controlling its thoughts and perceptions.

The 'Devil' never does anything for anyone - it only uses those in its grasp for its own ends until they are cast aside, even crushed, when they are of no further use.
Getting in is far easier than getting out.

When the 'Devil' is exposed and 'outed', and it will be, then you, by your very association financially and vindictively with the 'Devil', are 'outed', too.

And both are coming.

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