Monday, October 17, 2011

Evidence Of Terminal Madness

Amazingly, on the same day that a medical report was released in London by a University Research group stating that their investigations had found that the human brain is wired for unlimited HOPE, a report was broadcast on the ABC (the national Government radio station in Oz) that suicide clusters were occurring all over the country. I am sure they are occurring everywhere in every country but are not being reported. These were not suicides of junkies or no-hopers; they were of members of well-to-do middle class families. 

The wiring for eternal hope is what allows the robots to utter that "today may be bad, but tomorrow will be better", inspite of the fact that they have lived through countless tomorrows which were not better, and often worse! That is the programming by the Evil Mind that allows them to live happily in the horror of this plane. 

The obvious point to be made here is that the programming of the human lower robotic mind is breaking down. That is why more and more are committing suicide and will continue to suicide at an exponential rate. It is called Terminal Madness. Expect much more of this as the thought of Finality seeps through from their subconscious to their outer lower minds where the programming of eternal hope is no longer working. Conversely, in those who have seen that this Earth is an evil instrument for torture and extraction of energy from True Beings (just like the Catholic Inquisition) the result is Joy, Happiness and Elation that we are near the resolution of this mess. But, as you have experienced, it is far from over. 

Most of us are being knocked by evil and its minions from pillar to post. It is as if they are targeting the remaining True Beings all the more. And they are! Who else has the energy they desperately need? 

PS: The "Anger against Greed marches" spreading throughout the world are also a manifestation of the evil programming in the minds of robots breaking down. The robots can no longer be controlled. Anarchy will ensure and the Archons will use greater and greater force in an attempt to quell the unrest. They suspected this would occur, and as I have revealed before, they set up mechanisms such as the ingredients in Chemtrails and in Genetically Modified food to control minds, as well as frequencies via mobile phone relays to quell the robotic minds. 

But their efforts shall all be in vain, as you shall see, for they and the system are doomed. As the end approaches, not one person will dare to stand up and say I was wrong. I write that for the benefit of all the idiots who have mindlessly attacked me on sites such as Godlikeproductions, Educateyourself, and the Amitakh and Steffan Stanford Flying Buffalo Turds websites, etc. 

People, a spade is a spade. It always has been. Indeed what I wrote almost 30 years ago, and which was called nonsense then, is passing through the stage of possibility. Soon, it shall be self-evident truth. Just hang on to your hats. The ride is going to be rough!

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