Monday, October 17, 2011

Get Ready For Another Big Zionist Jew War - Incog Man

LAST WEEK’S PHONY “terrorist assassination” plot “uncovered” by the FBI (more like instigated) — where a greedy and foolish Iranian expat was lured into talking big to an undercover Fed in a Mexican drug cartel — is now coming apart at the seams, as everybody and his brother are expressing serious doubt about this latest bit of ZOG bull.
Note how the Zio media whores are still spewing over the airways that it was an act of war by the Iranian leadership — also secretly building nuclear weapons so they can go nutso and terror bomb the Big Satan (US) and the little Satan (Israel) simply because they hate our democratic freedoms and sexed-up lifestyles so much. Right.
Well, let me state what should be obvious to anyone with a brain: The Zionist-corrupted American government and owned media is now laying the groundwork for a war with Iran, right along with using never-ending “War on Terror” crap for political gains. No doubt whatsoever. Hell, everyone is starting to suspect, even a few braindead football fans.
And there’s a multiple motives for the Global Zionists to start a war soon. The whole world is fast getting royally pissed about Globalist banker rip-offs; putting decent people out of work, destroying the middle class, jacking up inflation at the stores. More and more Americans are becoming Jew-wise every day.
They can’t let this go on for much longer. Thanks to the Internet, far too many of us are learning the suppressed history of the last one hundred years or so. The Globalist Jews have to do something big soon to distract the attention of awakening Americans and keep us from figuring out the whole rotten Jew merry-go-round before it’s too late.
Also, the timing of the so-called Iranian plot to blow up the Saudi ambassador and attack the Israeli embassy (our sweet dear little friends in the Mideast, surrounded by evil muslims and always so innocent) was announced just the day before subpoenas were to go out to Obama’s justice department honcho, Eric Holder, over the stupid “Fast and Furious” gun-running scheme. How convenient.
For good reason, many have rightly speculated the “Fast and Furious” operation was to set the stage for stealing gun rights from Americans. If you remember back before all this came to light, the media was going on and on about how American arms were fueling the Mexican drug cartel kill-fest of poor civilians caught in the crossfire.
And what could be better for Obama than a nice jewcy war, one where he can strut his skinny mulatto stuff as commander-in-chief? Face it, arrogant Obama gets stoked over the whole first black prez gig — all the big boss trappings and attention – no way is he, or his Jew handlers going to take a chance of him being a one timer Mambo Jambo.
Once he’s locked into a second term and the Police State is running on all cylinders, he can really unload the socialism/Jew commie business on all us crackers.
Make note that Obama recently shipped Israel 57 bunker buster bombs. Even Bush hesitated giving the murderous Israeli Jews those bad boys. However, the Jews may think they need more than that, actually. They’ll probably resort to tactical nukes to get at the deeply dug-in Iranian nuclear facilities, just to make doubly sure the understandably pissed Iranians can’t launch a WMD reprisal attack on precious Israeli turf.
The lousy Zionists will of course find a way to suck in their favorite “Golem,” just like they did back in 1941. The American military will bomb the living hell out of Iranian targets and get forced by Zionist DC Neo-CON ”analysts” into launching a bloody ground invasion. The Golem is the Jew rabbi’s fantasy of a giant monster conjured up to kill Jewish enemies. In case you haven’t figured the score, America has been filling the role for decades.
We’ll be massacring Iranian people left and right. In case you don’t know, Iran means “Aryan” and these people are very much like European Whites, sans Christianity. White European people indeed arose from this area in the distant past. The Jews would love to get us to kill more of our race — exactly like they did to Germany. Lousy bastards.
Jews see no problem killing White Iranian people — forget the BS religious and left/right angles — we’ll be suckered by the Zionists controlling America’s head into committing outright murder. Don’t you think it’s long past time we put a screeching halt to these lousy Jew bastards?

Getting back to the current economic mess: The banker Jews have long realized the inherent instability of fiat currency and debt slavery. Much like a giant Ponzi scheme, we can never repay the accumulated national interest — now past the stratosphere and climbing out of earth’s orbit.

The Globalist Jews banked on the whole scam lasting long enough to establish a Jewish-controlled, American paid for, New World Order (actually an imperialism) before it all collapsed back in on itself. Now they’ll spark another catastrophic war to reshuffle the deck – makes no difference how many millions of Goyim suffer. They don’t give a damn.
The tricky Zionists undoubtedly have another false flag up their sleeves. Perhaps they’ll sink one of our naval assets in the Persian gulf with one of their blue water, nuclear capable subs they holocaust guilt-tripped the Germans to build (why does Israel have those?). They’ll already have talking point sheets to hand out to media mavens in Joo York and DC before the event itself.
They might explode a bomb of some sort in a US city (one with few Jews probably) killing hundreds, maybe thousands. The lousy Zionists could even detonate a nuke somewhere. After what happened on 9/11, there’s no telling what these bastards are capable of.
Hell, it’s possible someone reading this right now will soon end up as a contorted burnt cinder, the blackened, grinning skull and clenched fists caught inside a giant pile of broken up concrete, shattered drywall and twisted steel rebar.
Jews don’t care one bit if any of us Goyim get hurt or killed. Never have. They started WWII and maybe even WWI just to lay the ground work for IsraHELL. Some of their freaky religious orthodox rabbis have long said three major World Wars have to go down, before the Jewish Messiah comes along and their race finally gets to inherit the earth. Every indication shows the rich globalist Jews think the same damn way.
Russia and China have warned America that attacking Iran will risk war with them. It doesn’t matter if Israel launches a first strike since it’s readily apparent the Zionist bastards in both Israel and America are leading us around by the nose.
And wars like this easily spin out of control. If any of these parties have a run-in with American forces spread all over the globe, we might find ourselves in a shooting war where things escalate so fast it doesn’t matter one bit about media reporting because by then it’ll be too late for fat American couch potatoes to even change the channel on their remotes.
Even if the war is limited to the Persian Gulf, America will see gas prices sky rocket through the roof – $10, $15, $20 a gallon, if it can even be found. Weimar-style inflation will make eating dogfood a luxury. Gold will go over $5000 an ounce and the dollar will only be good for toilet paper (close enough already). What’s left of the economy will be completely wiped out. Non-Jews will literally starve to death across the land.
The lousy Zionist Jews can’t stand the thought of the Iranians acquiring any kind of nuclear material; even though the technology necessary to make and deliver a bomb is extremely difficult – especially putting a heavy uranium gun type on a missile — doubtful any country could build a booster rocket big enough. The fact of Russia carting away all the spent fuel rods (were plutonium comes from) means nothing to ISRAEL-FIRSTERS and Zio media whores; they have their marching orders from Tel Aviv on how to portray matters to gullible American idiots.
The murderous Jew Zionists go completely bonkers thinking about precious Jew land getting irradiated, especially when near-future plans involves kicking out and genociding all the rest of the Palestinians so they can totally control the most crappy piece of real estate of all mankind.
Plus, the Jews insist on being the only ones on the block with the Big One. Note how the traitorous owned media has stayed virtually silent on Israel even having the nuke. Are you still stupid enough to believe we have a free media? What an idiot.
Another thing the Zionist controlled US media hasn’t told you about, is all the assassinations MOSSAD agents do in Iran. Scientists who pose the slightest danger to sacred Jewdom are routinely gunned down in the streets by paid hitman like it was nothing. The murderous Jews feel they can get away doing whatever they please. Plus, the CIA and Zionist NGOs are always trying to stoke up the Iranian people into revolution.
Ask yourself why we hear so much in the US news about this supposed Iranian terror operation and dubious connections to leadership in Iran, but never dime-one about the subversive and criminal stuff Israel/US does inside Iran? Get it, …YET?
The CIA once organized and paid for a coup d’etat of the elected Iranian government back in the 1950′s just to get at the oil. Little wonder so many Iranians have grown to hate us with a passion and will come at us like kamikaze banshees once Israel and/or America attacks them out of the blue. Hell, we would too.
Didn’t our Founding White Fathers expressly warn us about involving ourselves in foreign and religious entanglements that had nothing to do with America? All this (and much more) has happened to America because we allowed subversive Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews to immigrate here. God, haven’t you had enough out of these backstabbing punks yet?
The demonic Jew and his fooled “shabbos goy” minions, very well may end up the death of not only America (which seems a foregone conclusion by now) but also possibly of the civilized world. Now do you know why the INCOG MAN is so anti-Jew and continues doing his utmost to awaken his fellow White Americans to the never-ending evils out of this lousy bunch?
– Phillip Marlowe

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