Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Remember The America of My Youth That Does Not Exist Today.

For us Americans who were born into innocence full of youth. I was not born in the era as you see on the Saturday Evening Post. I was born in 1967. But it was a time of unrestrained adventure. I lived a part of my life in New Jersey before the nanny state reared its ugly head into a full blown police state. Life was simple. I had a job before I was 10 year old riding my bicycle delivering newspapers for the Asbury Park Press. Yes I had a job when I was a young lad. I wonder if that is possible now since the control freaks took over. I grew up the rest of my youth and teen years in Florida. Looking back. I see how much life has changed. I am nostalgic hoping again for a life simple again with no complications. 

Now life is complicated. not because of technology or the fast pace life we see. Why is life different than years ago? I can see it is not us. It is the goverment that has become the headache and a nemesis in our lives. When I was in the Army and served my tour of duty at Ft Irwin California. I stayed out in California three more years. California was much better back them and not controlled by the nanny state control freaks when Deukmejian was the governor. Now it is unrecognizable with the out of control police state.

When I returned to Florida, I stepped into the twilight zone. We would joke about Florida, especially Pasco county. We would say jokingly which is true about Florida"come here on vacation,leave on probation and come back on violation". I notice something was wrong with the sunshine state when I returned. All of sudden I was getting tripped up in the legal system with draconian laws. I harmed no one or anyone's property. It was stupid laws which really had nothing to do with public safety, just revenue generation. My crime was: not wearing a seat belt when I was home on leave from the Army in 1987 when they passed the seat belt law back in 1985. I did not know my license was suspended in Florida until five years later in 1993.

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