Friday, October 14, 2011

The Infomocracy Dilemma: Revolution or Disengagement?

A very small yet conscious minority has come to the realization that the current world regime is one giant corporate infomocracy that needs to be terminated with “extreme prejudice”, disengagement being the weapon of choice. The next revolution will not be carried out by mobs of angry people, guerrillas, terrorists or, god forbid, politicians. It will be accomplished by a small (10%) militant minority that will simply unplug the matrix.

A Very Condensed Case for Revolution
An enormous, dictatorial corporate cartel is ruling the world through its proxies in government, banking, academia and media. Our entire Western culture has become an insidious farce with the sole purpose of maintaining the enslaved masses in their conjured up democracies, religions and histories.

Two developments have increased its control exponentially: globalisation and the information revolution.

The world is entering the final acts of a great social, political and economic shift. The international currency regime, the keystone of control, is peering into the abyss; the Middle East is being turned upside down; the bankrupt United States government is fighting several wars and maintaining approx. 1,000 military bases in over 120 countries. The insatiable greed and desire for world control have created a breach in the system. People are becoming aware, while their masters scramble for control as the chaotic climax approaches.

Violence, crackdowns, massacres and all-out wars are erupting from Libya to Bahrain. As Yeats put it, “the centre cannot hold”. The Arab Spring will soon reach the Wall in the West Bank, and when it does the possibility of a large-scale conflict and the eventual involvement of Iran are almost inevitable. How the West reacts when this conflict erupts upon us will be the inflection point for the entire period.

The great strides made in Western liberal societies since the Enlightenment have been firmly based on the Greco/Christian tradition. It should be no surprise that the purveyors of consumerist agnosticism firmly reject this tradition within the Western democracies. By pulling the spiritual rug out from under Euro/American culture, they have left a black hole that can only be filled by their circus and gadgets. We have not only paid, but have in fact indebted ourselves, to worship at the feet of their materialist God. This has nothing to do with theology and everything to do with culture. The West is paying a very dear price for having stopped thinking critically and educating its children.

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