Monday, October 17, 2011

Iran and the Hollywood Script: A Collaborative Effort

According to FBI director Robert Muller, the latest FBI-created-and-miraculously-defeated terror threat — this time straight out of Iran and straight from the top — was something"straight out of a Hollywood script." Well, he should know so we'll take him at his word.

Although the same neocons who are probably writing these Hollywood scripts are screaming "this means war!!", we cannot help but wonder just how deep is the manipulation of our media and our government by shadow forces both foreign and domestic pushing us covertly toward another war.

Considering the latest news out of the UK, where the male partner of recently-departed-in-scandal Defense Secretary Liam Fox is revealed to have been working covertly with the Mossad to overthrow the Iranian government, these speculations should no longer be written off as the conspiratorial thinking of feverish minds.

Disgraced Secretary Fox had been jet-setting all over the world with his "best man," Adam Werritty, in tow; Werrittty passed himself off as Fox's de facto chief of staff, and it is in this capacity that he has been engaged over the past several years covertly bumping up the Iranian "opposition" — the same Green Movement that some of us were attacked forsuggesting had a very, umm, Western flavor — and attempting to overthrow the Iranian regime.

Just the outlandish suggestion that a booze-addled Iranian immigrant used car salesman was plotting to have the Saudi ambassador assassinated was enough to have the media, ThinkTankistan, and the Left/Right interventionists screaming that an "act of war" had been committed by Iran and demanding an invasion. Yet why is it never an act of war when Western spooks go into Iran in a blatant attempt to overthrow its government and foment phony "Green Revolutions" where scores are killed?

With the Fox scandal breaking big in the UK, it is increasingly obvious that these scripts written to bring the US and its allies to a disastrous war on Iran are more of a collaborative effort, perhaps Hollywood, Langley, and Tel Aviv.

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