Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is Hang a Banker Day coming to a Theater near You?

Watch it happen in front of your eyes. The Occupy Wall Street phenom is going viral, diversifying like a stock portfolio and popping up all over the US and in other countries as well. Look at the media not covering it. Look at the media giving out false information concerning the motivation, even to the extent of saying the protestors are protesting against people making 40 to 50 thousand dollars a year, as well as global warming. Understand that the media is owned and operated by the same people who operate at and influence Wall Street. Look at the important names that are appearing in the mix and the American Marines showing up on behalf of the protest as well. In its genesis and presentations, it is about as authentic and threatening to go nova as it can get. This is the real deal.

The traders and bankers are celebrating their imagined invulnerability. In the delusion of their fevered hubris, they are drinking champagne and talking about pouring it on the protestors, in emulation of the bankers and traders at The City of London, who waved banknotes out of their windows as they jeered the protestors. Does this look like they may and should have their heads chopped off and put on display? Does this give you the impression that Hang a Banker Day might be coming to a neighborhood near you soon? This is not an argument in favor or against this. This is an observation of the anger of the vast majority coming up against the defiance, indifference and ridicule of the minority of those causing the conditions for the anger in the first place.

None of those responsible for, the all too quick emergence of difficult conditions for the world at large, have been charged or brought to trial for their crimes, yet. Meanwhile, Americans and others, continue to be herded into for profit prisons, for feeding their heads, at the command of alcoholic lawmakers, who also legitimize and profit from the illegal drug industry in the first place. They are making it illegal for the people to grow their own food. They are arresting children who are selling lemonade. They are permitting sex change operations for pre-pubescent children. They are selling automatic weapons to Mexican drug lords, who are dumping heads and bodies in the public thoroughfare. They are out of their freaking minds and they are going down. Lloyd Blankfein and Steven Schwartzman are going down, sooner or later. Will the Federal Reserve, J.P. Morgan and The Rothschilds follow? We can only watch and wait and hope to see it.

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