Sunday, October 16, 2011

It’s Time To Say It: Regime Change, Here – Now!

I spent an hour today talking with veterans activist Robert Rosebrock out in Los Angeles.For years, he has been fighting corruption on behalf of homeless veterans.

During that time, we have discovered massive financial fraud at the Department of Veterans Affairs, VA police have told me they have been ordered to lie in court, arrest the innocent, be themselves criminals.

We went to the FBI, the police, congress, General Shinseki, even the president.  We took witness statements, we have filed two lawsuits and even when courts find our government has committed crimes, the criminals are allowed to continue, to abuse to steal.  There is no justice in America, there are no legal courts, no real police.
I have seen evidence here, I have seen evidence of American complicity in war crimes, election fraud, I have seen one criminal conspiracy after another gain power until I am absolutely convinced that criminals now rule America and make up our government.

OCW, “Occupy Wall Street” has proven quite clearly to all who care to note that our police are no longer ours, are no longer police at all. They are little better than the senators and congressmen, the mayors and assemblymen, the judges, the filth we have let rule our lives.

I had one friend, a retired police detective, move to Venezuela because he spoke out against the CIA running drugs. He was poisoned there. If we have to tear this country in half to save it, so be it.

It is time for regime change, the one we voted for, the one we fought for.  Those hitting the streets know the enemy, no doubt about it anymore.  The enemy is here and America is the battleground.  The war Americans fear, class war, civil war, has been going on for years.

We just didn’t know. We awaken as slaves if we awaken at all.

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