Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kiss My Ass and Call me Cupid.

Here is a riveting example of what happens when political correctness goes wild and a small segment of society gains the upper hand over public good. Here’s another example and severalfor what is going on with this movement at the political level. I’m not going to spend a lot of my valuable time listing those who head all of the major gay organizations but anyone criticizing the points that I tend to make on the subject should go to the listing of the board of directors of every one of these organizations and note that they are not only Jewish in the majority but on more than one occasion ‘entirely’ Jewish.

Following this, one has only to then look at who is responsible for all of the major wars of the last century and most of the smaller ones. As for World War One, a little study into the forces behind the Bolshevik Revolution as well as the reinstitution of the Federal Reserve in 1913 might speak to that. I could add so many other features as well as to declare that all conflicts for the most part are started by bankers for profit from both sides of any conflict. If truth is an issue with you, you will do the research. If it is not then my taking so much trouble to list so many facts concerning the truth of the matter only results in my wasting my time, because the truth is not what you are after. You can also look at the origins of the majority of the main players on Wall Street and then compare their ethnicity with the size of the population as a whole. You can also look at the war against Christianity and check out what players and groups and agendas are involved, even while the fundie potato heads of the Christian Zionist congregation support those intent on destroying them. Like I said though, if truth is not your objective, none of this matters.

Let’s go back to that gay thing. Whether the demands of law enforcement and other forces for the enforcement of some kind of equality upon the public for gays to live without fear of oppression and censure is a good idea is no longer germane to the question. They achieved equal and generally un-hassled a long time ago. There’s no real oppression anymore. There are only the complaints of it and the blowing out of proportion of occasional single events here and there that could be also said about anyone of any majority or minority in society.

I’m not going to get into the specific acts that certain people perform on each other and whether it’s hygienic or normal (what’s normal?) or sane or an integral part of society as a whole. Anyone can come to their own conclusions based on their own degree of tolerance or the lack of it, or their own understanding of what they do or do not believe about the natural rightness or perversity that may or may not be implicit in such acts. I don’t personally concern myself with what people do or do not do to each other behind closed doors in a consenting interchange. That isn’t my affair. I don’t care if they are using a feather or the whole chicken, or what props and fantasy role playing they apply to getting themselves off. That’s not my affair and I’m not passing judgment on it. I am passing judgment on who is behind the political engine and what their real agenda is. I am passing judgment on what has been done to certain societies by certain groups of people and what their motivations are.

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