Monday, October 10, 2011

Libya rebels: Human Trafficing mafia in Benghazi

From the outset the NATO propaganda was selling Libyan rebels as knightly freedom fighters, and it transpires at the moment to what extent the picture is at odds with reality. 

The situation evokes similarities with Kosovo, where “freedom fighters” from the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army, lauded by then-US SecretaryofState M. Albright, mercilessly butchered defenseless people and even set up a networkoftrafficking forcibly extracted human organs. (trafficking in human organs in Kosovo organized by KLA leader and Kosovo Prime minister Hashim Tha├ži.)
These days, Libyan rebels are treated as heroes by N. Sarkozy and NATO top brass, and there are no signs that the hypocrisy and bias will ever wane.

So how did this most evil business find new life inBenghazi? You can thank NATO for this. While NATO bombs blanketLibyawith radioactive depleted uranium dust,partofthe “pro-democracy forces” based inBenghazibeing protected by NATO are busy sending Africans to a watery grave while stuffing their pockets with African blood money.

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