Saturday, October 15, 2011

Looking Into My Crystal Globe, or Down the Rabbit Hole….

Earlaiman, yesterday, gazed into his crystal globe and opined…
It is a matter of time he said….

Eventually, in one of the larger Cities, the mayor will announce that the demonstration has become a riot and the police will show up in riot gear and mean. Then, tough will happen and if the people persist then they will be arrested in even larger numbers. Heads will be cracked!

If that does not send them home, then the State Militia will be called in larger numbers and mechanized will happen. Eventually, if none of these escalation ploys do the job, bayonets will be fixed, the troops will move forward in line abreast clearing the streets and people will be injured.

Ultimately, shots will be fired. You will never know who fired the first shots but it will be obvious who fires the last shots and who gets killed.

Someone will have to die. At the same time City, State and possibly Federal forces will be escalating the pressure in all of the other large cities, until the “riots” have been quelled and the Government will announce that a major “revolution” has just been put down

Anyone who can order a few thousand people killed to take down a few buildings will not hesitate to kill a dozen or so, even a few hundred if necessary.

And, remember, the more people who they have had to kill, the more serious was the threat of “revolution.” There will be quotas.

“Lieutenant, your unit was supposed to kill three hundred and thirty six.  You are fifteen short.  Now, go out there and get me fifteen more, dammit!”

“Sorry, Colonel, but there aren’t that many left… sir, they’ve all gone home!”

“Well then, go kick in some goddam doors and drag some of them back out into the street and get the job done, dammit… I gotta have fifteen more before I can send this engagement report up to the Governor.”

Martial Law will be declared for the Nation, the Constitution and elections will be suspended, the Congress sent home “for the duration,” and a Military Tribunal will be appointed to replace the Cabinet, to manage Government affairs and to “advise and support” the President.”

Many of the State Militia will not fire into the crowd, or will fire wildly into the air or off target… but it will take only a small handful of casualties to do the job and a few hired professional snipers can easily ensure that casualties will actually happen.

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