Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Mossad Merengue of the Dancing Disco Dead.

No one with any brains can doubt that the system and power of those who have tormented the rest of us for so long is unraveling at the seams. The Iranian plot has become an international joke, with Pakistani intelligence reporting that the Mossad gave the Texas car salesman his paperwork. Heh heh, well will you look at that. 

Right there in the beginning of the article, the writer also mentions it all coming apart at the seams, except they misspelled it as ‘seems’. How’s that for confirmation of a grammatically challenged nature? Well, that’s not grammatical is it? I’m not an English teacher; you’ll have to come up with the proper name for the offense. I can come up with the proper name for the Iranian offense however. As it concerns the dual nationals, operating in the US and abroad, it amounts to treason. 

As it concerns their paymasters, it amounts to enemy acts on the part of a nation hostile to American interests. It turns out that the other suspect is a member of MKO, an anti Iranian terror organization. This comes our way via the news organization recently banned in the UK for excessive truth telling, or there was a scheduling conflict with a gay sex channel, meaning they were both vying for the same time slot. No judgment of course is being passed on any of this. You have to give the public what they want.

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