Thursday, October 13, 2011


An exclusive interview with Dr. Franklin Lamb, international lawyer from Beirut.

A prominent political lawyer says that the US cannot continue to supply arms or economic aid to Israel which yet again is under international pressure for its atrocities against humanity. In an exclusive interview with Press TV, Franklin Lamb tells us more about the future of the US-Israeli relationship. 

Press TV: As violent as that video we just aired was, it really shouldn't come as a surprise because, well, this type of behavior by Israeli forces is pretty much done on a weekly basis in the occupied territories. But you tell us what you think based on the video that has been released by human rights activists.

Lamb: The crimes against humanity which these video documents constitute, yet again, a clear and unavoidable challenge to American values and to President Obama's administration that requires a forceful response. And that response from the Obama administration must be that it's time for America to cut ties with the brutal Zionist occupier of Palestine and disengage politically, militarily and economically.

It's not public, yet, but it will be this week via pro-Palestinian sources on Capitol Hill--yes, there actually are a few courageous souls up there--- that US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta spoke with Netanyahu in very, very strong terms last week. Panetta declared that the Israeli government, as it is today and the state of Israel itself, may well not survive the current Islamic and Arab awakening.

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