Thursday, October 6, 2011

OWS Update Oct. 6th

Things seem to have turned very ugly, as Alexander Higgins reports that Luke Rudkowski and other protesters were beaten with batons and pepper sprayed. The video below is part of a developing story and shows white shirt NYPD beating Occupy Wall Street Protestors behind a barricade with a baton.

This is part of a developing story. Get the latest updates on today’s police brutality and see other videos of today’s beatings here. The fact that they would attack a well-known journalist speaks volumes. This should only strengthen people's resolve and prove to those who remain on the sidelines that there is no more time to stand idly by. This system of oppression is behaving as it was designed to behave. We need to overwhelm them with increasing numbers and convince them that that our resistance is diverse, peaceful, firm . . . and growing.

Video ends with chants of "The whole world is watching!"

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