Tuesday, October 18, 2011

REX 84 vs. Globalist Shutdown

For many years the globalists, through the federal agencies they control, have treasonously planned to use devastating orchestrated events to suspend constitutional rights and implement martial law. The best-known plan for martial law/continuity of government is called REX 84.

Despite their planning efforts, technology, and billions of dollars spent on martial law training, a handful of activists can utilize simple yet powerful tools to ensure martial law is never implemented.

This plan is known as Globalist Shutdown.

REX 84 and Other Martial Law Legislation/Orders

Readiness Exercise 1984 (REX-84) is an emergency response program involving the implementation of martial law, the relocation of civilian populations, and the arrest and detainment of segments of the population. A rehearsal of the program was carried out April 5-13, 1984. It was led by FEMA and the Department of Defense and involved the coordination of 34 other Federal departments and agencies. Rex 84 was allegedly written by Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, who was both National Security Council White House Aide, and NSC liaison to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA); and John Brinkerhoff, the deputy director of "national preparedness" programs for FEMA.

Operation Garden Plot is a United States Army and National Guard program under control of the US Northern Command (NORTHCOM) to provide Federal military support during domestic civil disturbances. One example of the program’s implementation was during the 1992 Los Angeles riots when US Army and Marine forces were used in conjunction with the California National Guard.

The "John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007" (H.R.5122) amended Posse Comitatus (which prevented the military from policing civilians) to allow the Federal government to unilaterally take control of state National Guards and position Federal troops anywhere in the country during a "public emergency."

Clergy Response Teams are being trained by the federal government to "quell dissent" and pacify citizens to obey the government in the event of a declaration of martial law. Pastors are told to preach Romans 13 so the flock learns to "obey the government,” during martial law.

Numerous presidential executive orders also indicate martial law preparation. For example, Obama’s executive order that creates a council of state governors who will work with the feds to expand military involvement in domestic security. This has fueled fears that the administration is stepping up preparations for martial law.

There is congressional legislation that authorizes the Department of Homeland Security to set up a network of FEMA camp facilities to be used to house U.S. citizens in the event of a national emergency. Ominously, the bill also states that the camps can be used to “meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security,” an open-ended mandate which many fear could mean the forced detention of American citizens in the event of widespread rioting after a national emergency or total economic collapse. Similar camps were used to round-up 110,000 Japanese Americans during World War II without due process.

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