Monday, October 17, 2011

The Shame & Dishonor of the REAL 99%

Who are the real 99%? They are the real 1%, virtually all of whom support collectivism and the tyranny of the Mob and virtually all of whom oppose freedom of the individual and liberty (which intrinsically includes capitalism) .

The Occupy Wall Street protestors characterize themselves as representatives of "the 99%" who are not "rich" are defaming the wealthy crony-capitalists, while George Soros and his type openly supporte the anti-capitalist, Marxists and the ignorant dupes joining with them. The rest of the self-proclaimed 99%-ers are mostly disaffected long-haird maggot-infested hippies seeking more from the machine, and their parents.

The real "99%" and the real "1%-ers" of the world are hard-working decent people, the productive class, many, if not most, of whom are TEA-Partyers) support the real 1% and that virtually all the so-called spokespersons for "the 99%" are leftists who trash the real 1% at every opportunity and who caricature the the real 1% as jingoistic, militaristic "fascists" and view Bush 43 as"BusHitler."

That's it - I'm disgusted beyond words now. You think this will swing an election for you, Obama? . . . Good Luck with that plan Barry is all I have to say . . . -

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