Sunday, October 9, 2011

Technology Changes the Game

The Money junkies thought the internet would be a system they can use on us to keep track of us. Now this very big world wide network is now a weapon being used against them. Thank to people having potable video devices and the internet. It is changing the dynamics of the information war. Were leftist and hired thugs were able to get away with taking over movements because the controlled media would control the information does not work anymore. It is getting harder for them to pull off highjacking the Occupy Wall Street thanks to technology of the 21st century changing the national landscape.

I am very optimistic that the foundation paid protesters and leftist thugs will not be able to do what they do as they did in the past and get away with it. In NAZI Germany and in Soviet Russia, the thugs got away with it because the flow of information and the controlled media. In the past, the state run media would demonize the opposition using these agent provocateurs to make the people opposing the regime look bad. The old playbook they used to take over and create movements is not working anymore. The mainstream corporate media does not influence the thoughts of Americans today as they once did 20 years ago. People are seeking news and information from the alternative sources of media. Technology is breaking the propaganda machine.

We the bloggers and independent freelance journalism are changing the dynamics of reporting the news with technology of the internet and portable video cameras. Police cannot get away with unconstitutional acts like they did before with the blessing of the press. Most of all people are getting in the face of the elites and ruling class forcing them to answer the tough questions on small camcorders. We will change this nation while the mainstream media that had a monopoly once on information is left behind. Occupy Wall Street is our movement and with the help of the alternative media using the internet and technology. These leftist useful fools will not have a hell of a chance anymore now the tables are turned thanks to technology and the internet.#

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