Tuesday, October 4, 2011

UK: Dickless wonder of the week - Single Mom Discovers Her Longterm Boyfriend Is A Woman

Couple: Samantha Brooks, who was known to Nicole Lindsay as Lee

A single mother has told of her torment after discovering how her long-time lover tricked her into believing he was a man when in fact she was a woman. Nicole Lindsay was shocked to learn the 'boyfriend' she hoped to marry was a lesbian sex offender called Samantha Brooks. Police told her that Brooks, who she had always known as Lee, was once jailed for abusing a 14-year-old girl.

The bizarre story of how Nicole, mother of two daughters aged six and two, was fooled emerged when Brooks was arrested. She was charged with obtaining sex by deception from Nicole and another former friend and two counts of assault.

Nicole said: 'When the police told me Lee was a she I just couldn't believe it. I was in shock. I've been through hell. The thought of how Lee deceived me and my whole family has given me nightmares and made me feel sick.'

Nicole described her relationship with Brooks who used modified a wooden toilet roll holder in their sexual relationship. She told the Sunday People she was uncomfortable being naked in front of a partner while Brooks claimed he felt the same way after suffering testicular cancer. 
Brooks even conned her into believing her body had been scarred by a previous partner as the reason she wore bandages around the chest - which hid her breasts.

She first made contact when Nicole was 14 in 2001. But they did not meet until 2006 by which time she had a baby girl, aged 18 months, but was not with the father.

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