Friday, October 14, 2011

UK: Police stickers to greet gays

A police force yesterday announced it would be placing rainbow stickers on the front desks of police stations in order to make gay and lesbians feel more confident about reporting crime.

North Wales police said it hoped that displaying the rainbow would make the gay, lesbian and transgender community feel safer and less apprehensive about talking to officers, especially if reporting homophobic offences. The rainbow, it said, was a globally recognised symbol of acceptance that would help reinforce the constabulary’s commitment to equality and diversity.

Pc Manus Sheridan, of North Wales Police Gay Police Association, said police officers came into contact with people of different races and sexualities and it was important that they offered a good level of service to all members of the community.

'Some individuals, for a number of reasons, may feel apprehensive of approaching the police to report incidents,' Pc Sheridan said. 
It is essential that all members of the community feel confident enough to enter our stations to report any incident, whatever background they are from. This initiative is a further sign of our commitment to the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community that NWP are here and can be trusted to deliver our service without prejudice.'

Greg George, head of diversity development at the force, added: 'The force is committed to tackling all crimes including homophobic hate crime and the stickers, which will be placed in all front counter areas, are a further symbol of our pledge.

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