Friday, October 7, 2011

UK renews nuke claims, threatens Iran

British Defense Secretary Liam Fox has accused Iran of seeking nukes saying military option cannot be ruled out to prevent Iran's nuclear developments.

“[Iran] is developing a nuclear programme no reasonable person can believe is purely for civil use,” Fox insisted saying “we do not rule anything out” to “stop Iran becoming a nuclear weapons state.”

Fox's threat come as Iran has repeatedly said that it is pursuing a civilian nuclear program under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and within the framework of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

It is also ironic that Fox accuses Iran of developing nukes, while Britain is preparing to upgrade its own Trident nuclear missiles under his own lead as Defense Minister and in clear violation of the NPT as a signatory to the treaty.

Secret Ministry of Defense (MoD) documents have revealed that the government has approved a £747 million funding for Project Pegasus to build a new enriched uranium facility at its Atomic Weapons establishment (AWE), which is responsible for the design, manufacture and support of UK's nuclear weapons.

This is while, the MoD earlier allocated another £500 million for Project Mensa at AWE Burghfield to improve its warhead assembly facilities.

The British government has spent £2.6 billion since 2008 to renovate the nukes production infrastructure at AWE in a clear defiance of the NPT.

Britain and its western allies that accuse Iran of leading a military nuclear program have never presented proofs for their claims as their own commitment to the nuclear non-proliferation has been always under question.

During his address at the Tory conference, Fox even went as far as imagining a nuclear-armed Iran saying it would trigger “a new arms race in the world's most dangerous regions” by which he apparently meant the Middle East.

He did not, however, refer to the Israeli regime's 200 nuclear warheads or the threat they pose to the region, as it is western practice. 

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