Wednesday, October 12, 2011

UK: Rothschild Zionist Cameron Accused of Risking Mothers' Lives

British Prime Minister David Cameron has been accused of risking the lives of the country's mothers and their unborn babies by reneging on his pre-election promise.

The leader of the Royal College of Midwives, Cathy Warwick, has accused Cameron of putting lives of British mothers and their babies at risk after he failed to implement his pre-election promise of introducing 3,000 NHS midwives in England.

“Before he came into power David Cameron promised to increase the number of midwives in England by 3,000, describing them as 'overworked and demoralised'. Sadly, since then little has been done by this Government for maternity services,” said Warwick.

The concern over the lack of midwives in Britain has even caused the college to lodge an e-petition calling on the British government to increase the number of NHS midwives in England by 5,000.

“Without this increase in midwife numbers and investment I have real fears that our maternity services could be heading towards a point where not only the quality of care is threatened, but safety as well,” said Warwick as she expressed her worries over British mothers' health.

Criticisms raised against the government's failure to tackle the country's midwifery problems come as hundreds of British people occupied Westminster Bridge in a symbolic move to block the passage of the coalition government's Health and Social Care bill.

The protesters are worried over the privatization of the NHS which they believe would bring about “the destruction of the dream of comprehensive healthcare provided equally to all.”

Furthermore, the coalition government's austerity measures and empty promises even urged thousands of protesters to call for Cameron to step down when they held demonstrations in Manchester earlier in October.

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