Tuesday, October 4, 2011

UK: What GP 'told disabled patient as he indecently assaulted her'

A doctor wrestled a disabled woman to the floor during a home visit and tried to force her to have sex with him, it was claimed yesterday. Dr Eduoard Yaacoub indecently assaulted the patient after telling her ‘sometimes doctors have to do things patients don’t think necessary’, it was said. The out-of-hours medic, who also works as a GP in Southall, West London, told her she had a ‘beautiful bottom’, the General Medical Council heard.

He is also alleged to have failed to provide crucial information to the mother of a boy who later died of heart disease. He lied to her and told her it was not company policy to send a doctor to see children at home, it is said.

Yaacoub visited the 54-year-old alleged assault victim, referred to as Patient A, in January last year, said Stephen Brassington, for the GMC.

She suffers from spastic paraplegia, which causes stiffness in the lower limbs, and asked to be examined by a doctor from the Reading-based Westcall service after slipping on ice. When Yaacoub arrived at 10.10am she was in bed wearing a nightdress and tried to pull up the sheets to cover herself, he told the panel. ‘But he said it wasn’t necessary,’ said Mr Brassington.

‘He then started to feel her neck and spine and started to feel the bottom of her spine. At some point we suggest that he said to her she had a beautiful bottom for a disabled lady.’ The doctor then allegedly touched her intimately. Yaacoub concluded the visit by asking Patient A questions about her sex life, which she refused to answer, he added.

Yaacoub then returned to her home when he had finished his shift at 7pm, telling her he had forgotten some details and needed to check them, the panel was told. Once inside, he allegedly told Patient A he had brought some holy oil to bless her with because he had noticed a cross around her neck earlier. ‘At some point she suggests the doctor started to undress,’ said Mr Brassington.

It is claimed he pulled Patient A to the floor and tried to have sex with her and then, after giving up, performed a sex act. The woman reported the matter to NHS Direct and police were informed.

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