Friday, October 14, 2011

US Govt - Waging Wars Based On Lies & Pre-School Fictions

Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Robert Mueller must have a very low opinion of the intelligence of the American people to think they can get away with dumping a pile of bullshit on the press and public.

This cast of the curious in the White House can't be serious! Are they sane? Are they mad? Are they stupid? Are they psychopathic? Are they being blackmailed by Israel, AIPAC and the Neocons, or do they want to start a world war just as bad as they do?

The U.S. government's public statements since the moment 9/11 happened have come straight out of Monty Python. 19 guys in a cave from the mountains of Afghanistan bringing down three towers with two airplanes in the middle of the biggest city of the biggest empire since Rome? It is impossible. It is science fiction. Dr. Steve Pieczenik hit the nail on the head: Washington is the theatre of the absurd.

The 9/11 hoax is too silly to believe even for a minute, so it's scary that millions of people still believe the official story a decade later.

Under the Obama administration it seems The Onion website is being tasked with writing bogus terror scripts for the warmongers in Washington to advance their agenda for a total world war in the Middle East.

White House officials have provided no proof to back up their new crazy claim about Iran working with a Mexican drug cartel to infringe on American territory and kill officials from Saudi Arabia and Israel.

How can anyone believe this crap? An Iranian assassination and terror plot against Saudi Arabian and Israeli officials on American soil? No country would attempt such an obvious crime and act of war against America. It would be national suicide for any country that could manage to pull it off.

I can't believe the chutzpah of the people who run the White House, to boldly lie to the world about such a grave matter as war. They are totally evil.

Do they think the world still believes anything the U.S. government says about terrorists, Al-Qaeda and Iran? Morally bankrupt White House officials lie about everything. They lie about the economy. They lie about the threat of terrorism to America. They lie about the rationale behind the war on terror.

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