Saturday, October 8, 2011

USA: DHS finding new ways to get the public to accept a Police State

The Department of Homeland Security, in conjunction with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council(EPSRC) in England, is funding a study to gauge new and innovative ways to get the public to accept so called “identify management” techniques.

The study will be carried out at Loughborough University in England and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in the United States.

In a world that is increasingly being morphed into a full scale surveillance society, government officials are attempting to find new ways to get the public to accept police state measures such as national biometric id cards and implantable microchips.

Iris and full body scans, and face or voice recognition have already become well-known practice, but innovations like implantable chips, odour scans, online ‘object’-passwords and mobile identity sharing are on the horizon. It is unclear whether and why members of the public will embrace these innovations or reject them.
“In this project we aim to gain a better understanding of such anxieties and appetites, and understand the way citizens will respond to new identity management technologies, services and practices in order to promote trustworthy and pleasurable processes of identity verification,” said Professor Liesbet Van Zoonen who is leading the study in England.

In other words, the aim of this study is to find actual scientific ways of getting the public to accept their enslavement.

It is also worth noting that most in the media have claimed that the idea of all Americans being forcefully implanted with microchips is a conspiracy theory yet DHS is openly attempting to find ways to get the people of this country to accept them.

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