Tuesday, October 4, 2011

USA: Fox News Launches An All Out Assault Against Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street has grown and now Fox News is stepping up their attacks. The network of the 1% has spent multiple segments today claiming that the protesters are idiotic and don’t understand how the world works.

Here is the video of Steve Moore claiming the protesters don’t know how the world works from Media Matters:

On FNC’s America’s Newsroom today, The Wall Street Journal’s Steve Moore (feel that News Corp synergy) said, “Listening to those commentaries by those young people it’s sort of an indictment of our education system isn’t it? That these kids just don’t understand how the world works. What’s going on here is, I think it’s a frustration on the left of the fact that Obama’s policies haven’t worked. That the whole agenda of hope and progress just hasn’t happened and now you’re getting a kind of angry left, and I think the reason this is an important story, Martha is to see whether this escalates. We’re starting to see this kind of protests in cities around the country, and let’s hope, but I wouldn’t rule it out that these escalate and they may even turn violent. We’ve seen that by the way in Europe. We’ve seen that in places like London and Greece where you know, it’s not always so peaceful.”

Here is Charlie Gasparino calling the protesters idiots via Media Matters

Gasparino claimed that the real problem is that Wall Street can’t pay their fair share because they are over regulated and hurting. He then said of the protesters, “First off, I want to point out the irony of these idiotic protesters. They really should be going to Washington. That’s where they’re squeezing Wall Street and basically taking money out of the welfare state which these protesters want to grow.”

According to Fox News the people who are taking to the streets around the country aren’t mad at the Republican Party for bailing out Wall Street in 2008. They aren’t angry that the policies of the GOP (Grand Old Party) and George W. Bush blew up the economy. They aren’t mad because Obama can’t get a jobs bill through Congress to due to Republican obstruction. Nope, all the protesters at Occupy Wall Street are mad at Obama. They are all unrealistic kids who don’t know how the real world works.

I am sure all the Libertarians involved with Occupy Wall Street are surprised to learn that this is a movement of the left. Of course, these people are angry at Obama and the Democrats. They are angry that the whole political system that has been hijacked by very rich and used as a weapon against everyone else. This isn’t a movement of Democrats versus Republicans. The problem is all sides, corporate Democrats and Republicans. Occupy Wall Street is bigger than partisan politics.

As far as Gasparino’s claim that the protesters are idiots is concerned, these supposed idiots are smarter than the average Fox News viewer. They understand where the root of the problem is. The issue isn’t that Wall Street is over regulated and poverty stricken. The issue is that the American people bailed out the big banks that proceeded to kick us out of our homes and reap record profits after we were generous enough to keep them in business.

These segments are an escalation of the Fox News campaign to spin and discredit Occupy Wall Street. The fact that Fox News is paying attention now means that your message is getting out, and they are scared. When Wall Street uses their media mouthpiece to attack you that means that they are worried. More than anything Wall Street and Fox News are hoping that the protests turn violent so that they can delegitimize you as an angry mob.

The message is out, the people are listening and this has made the corporate interests very nervous, so nervous that Fox News felt compelled to go increase their attacks.

The only idiots in this picture are the people who continue to watch Fox News and mindlessly do the bidding of the 1%. The corporate interests are scared, as the power of the occupation continues to grow stronger.

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