Tuesday, October 18, 2011

USA: McCain Begins Attack on Military and Vets

Congress can begin slashing military pay and benefits, cutting access to Tricare Prime and upping fees for retirees.  John McCain said so and he represents everything military. 
John McCain can be in the senate because he isn’t in prison.  He has a pardon secretly issued by President Richard M. Nixon, saving him from a court martial for treason.
This is the same John McCain who fought to stop the search for American POWs when our intelligence officers reported live sightings from reliable sources. 
We learned that hundreds were alive while McCain was blocking efforts for their recovery.  With McCain’s position as “cover,” North Vietnam executed surviving POWS, particularly the 200 held by them in Laos.  This was brought out in the tapes of conversations between Secretary Kissinger and President Nixon that were uncovered in the Nixon Library in the 1990s.
I interviewed the head POW recovery officer in Thailand, Col. Jim Hanke, a long time friend, I interviewed Col. Ted Guy, WW2, Korea and Vietnam hero who demanded McCain’s arrest,
I have interviewed so many over the years and yet today, congress turns to him to support broken promises and more broken lives. 
McCain’s peers, McCain’s commanding officer tell a story quite different from that we hear on the campaign trail.

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