Monday, October 17, 2011


This list was compiled in order to dispel the hate propaganda and blatant lies Christians United for Israel (CUFI) is being allowed to spew at Van Buren High School near Findlay, Ohio on October 27, 2011 where they will hold “A Night to Honor Israel.” This is being repeated at other schools across our country.

If CUFI was simply having a convention of their apocalyptic ignoramuses and blind bigots at a church or synagogue, we would not waste our time trying to educate those determined to remain fools. If CUFI were holding a meeting with our congressmen/women or senators, we would not bother to counter, as our representatives are already deep within the pockets of Israeli-interest lobbies. However, CUFI has crossed a red line when invading our public school system to poison the minds of our innocent youth.

While this event is being held after school hours, it is still being promoted in among the student body, as Van Buren Superintendent Tim Myers confided he is considering distributing “educational material” given to him by CUFI, to all students. CUFI is charging $15 per adult and $10 per student to attend, therefore common sense would dictate this event is being promoted by the school system.

There are people who believe this country is too far gone to be salvaged and there is certainly merit to that sentiment. But we are not ready to surrender our children to a false prophet and be subjected to false teachings, both religious and historical. We refuse to have them be converted into more mindless minions who would readily partake in genocide for the Zionist entity which is their god.

Here are just 10 out of the myriad reasons NOT to honor Israel and why a “Christian” group in support of such an immoral state is the epitome of hypocrisy:

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