Tuesday, October 4, 2011

USA: Occupy Wall Street Protests Full Of Useful Idiot Communists And Socialists

It is becoming increasingly clear that the people who are taking part in the much publicized Occupy Wall Street protests are mostly a bunch of useful idiots promoting communist and socialist ideologies. Even multi-millionaire propagandist Michael Moore and a myriad of rich Hollywood celebrities have come out supporting the cause of these protests indicating that the establishment has an interest in steering the direction and outcome of what is taking place. This is one of the most obvious cases of controlled opposition that we have ever seen where the protesters are actually endorsing the collectivist ideologies that benefit the wealthy elite. Communist and socialist ideolgies when put into practice have historically done nothing but centralize power and wealth in the hands of a few people as seen in the cases of the Soviet Union and China in the 20th century. 

Most of these useful idiots protesters know absolutely nothing about how the global financial system works and know less than nothing about the central banking systems of the world. Central banks like the Federal Reserve System and the European Central Bank have been setup by design to implement a debt based monetary system that has been used to turn the vast majority of people into debt slaves. They create money out of nothing and then charge interest on top of the money they create out of nothing through loans. Even the United States government borrows money from this system and because of that they have to implement draconian tax schemes on the people just so they can pay back the interest on the debt.

What's ironic about this whole situation is that a central banking system is in fact a major plank of the Communist Manifesto as is a graduated income tax both of which have been fully implemented in the United States for almost 100 years now. With this in mind you would think that these Communist protesters would have nothing to protest because the ideologies which they claim to be in support of have actually been in use for a very long time. Unfortunately because these people are so ignorant and stupid they have no idea that the ideologies they are promoting are the very cause of the problems they are suffering from.

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