Thursday, October 13, 2011

Use The “Occupy Wall Street” Business - Incog Man

Trouble making, divisive Khazar Jews, in general, are drawn to this kind of thing like flies to a stinking mass of bovine excrement. These lousy creeps have been Nation Wrecking White countries for generations and now America is facing another commie Jew hell.

THERE’S A SCENE in the movie “Dr. Zhivago” where the proletariat masses are marching off to WWI, under the banner of Czar Nicholas Romanov and blessed by bearded Russian orthodox Christian priests. Dr. Zhivago’s commie half brother (played by Sir Alec Guiness, right) watches with glee and then hops off the curb, assuming a place behind the marchers with a coy little smile.

In the voice-over narration, the commie implies that he’s only joining the ranks to sow Marxist dissension and rancor down the road. Of course, there’s no indication in the movie he’s a Jew (remember, this is Hollywood), just that he’s a sneaky commie bastard. Apolitical Dr. Zhivago, played by Omar Sharif (not a Jew by the way), is merely concerned with writing love poetry and getting a little side action with 60′s major hottie, Julie Christie — who could blame him with the way she looked?

Anyway, what’s all this got to do with the business with the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators and elsewhere, you might ask?

Well, first off, let me make damn clear to any bozo reading this now: I’m not a lefty, commie type whatsoever. I don’t eat yogurt and bean sprouts; wear Birkenstock sandals and have Che Guevara posters on the wall. I wretch at the thought. But if you think it out, all the business with “lefty versus righty” crap is the major crux of the problem to begin with. Let’s look at a few things first:

One: The “Tea Party” people are supposed to be ”right wing conservatives” upset with runaway Big Government and the deficit. Right along with that, they are generally pictured as old, disgruntled White people, even though that’s not always the case — merely a meme put out by lefty media.

Two: The Occupy Wall Street demonstrators might indeed be lefty, commies, socialists, labor unionists, that kind of thing. You’ll also notice, some of these people are certainly pro-Palestinian and “Free Gaza,” you just won’t see that particular detail noted by the media. The US news deletes images showing anyone wearing t-shirts or signs on that inconvenient subject.

Even so, far too many of those in these political movements are fairly Jew stupid, or those who do have suspicions keep their mouths shut. All due to PC brainwashing, of course. Then again, whatever Jew awareness some of these people may have, will naturally be invisible to the rest of us out here in TV land.

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