Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wales: Council under fire for plan to fly Romany Gypsy flag ... LOL, no this is NOT a joke!

Council chiefs are planning to fly a gypsy flag on Aberystwyth's seafront promenade. The plan will mean either removing another national flag from the display, or splashing out on a new flagpole.

Aberystwyth prides itself on the 52 flagpoles which grace its seafront, all flying European or other national flags. But town councillors have now provoked a row by agreeing to include the Romany Gypsy flag. Supporters of the move say they want to mark the area's 'long tradition of gypsies'.

But councillor Aled Davies suggested the move was a waste of money. He said: 'I was wondering why they supported it, as those flags are supposed to be for small nations, and the gypsies don't have a nation as such. Should we really spend money on a flag and flag pole during the current economic climate? In my view, no we shouldn't. And I don't believe we should get rid of another flag to make way for this one.'

Town councillors in Aberystwyth agreed to display the Romany Gypsy flag - a blue and green flag with a red wheel - despite the concerns of some members.

It was officially adopted as the Romany flag in 1971.


Although there is no Romany state, the gypsy people have had a flag for 40 years.
The background of the flag is supposed to represent sky (blue) and earth (green).
The spoked wheel represents travelling as well as the Indian origins of the Romany.
The flag was invented in 1933, and adopted by the World Romany Congress in 1971.
 After receiving a letter asking for their backing, town councillors agreed it was something they would support, although the final decision will rest with Ceredigion County Council.

Plaid Cymru councillor Mark Strong said at Aberystwyth Town Council's meeting: 'There's a long tradition of gypsies in mid and north Wales and they've done quite a bit for the culture over the centuries, so I think this is something we should strongly support.'

However, with no empty flagpoles, the county council will now have to decide whether to replace an existing flag or erect another flag pole.

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