Friday, October 7, 2011

Who funds the Climate Alarmists?

A few days ago, none of you will have noticed, the New York Times's tragically well-meaning environmental columnist Andy Revkin ran a flow chart on his blog – produced by two US academics with evidently an awful lot of time on their hands – showing the mechanisms of the EVIL CLIMATE DENIAL MACHINE (TM).

I personally was very disappointed in it. For one thing, it did not show the $10 million per day the Koch Brothers funnel directly into my account for the deliberate lies I tell on their behalf about Man Made Global Warming. For another, it did not include a picture of the splendid hooded purple velvet cloaks, nor the elaborate Blood-Diamond-encrusted cod pieces which we Deniers sport at our orgiastic convocations where we ritually sacrifice at least one polar bear cub, one snail darter and one California Delta Smelt to our God whose name (Long may he reign!) is Evil Selfish Greedor.

But I guess that's the problem with these Alarmists. They repeat the same tedious old canards about "funded by Big Oil" (which was stale and untrue even when Al Gore was pushing it around to anyone who'd listen a decade ago) but they're just too complacent to dig beneath the surface and reveal just how fully, ineffably Satanic in every possible way the vast and influential Climate Denial Conspiracy really is.

And now look and what Jo Nova's gone and done. Why, the Australian Denier Minx has gone and used some of the A$ 258 billion she gets every day from the Australian mining industry to fund a lavishly detailed flow chart which impudently suggests that it's the Warmists who are the real bad guys in all this.

I ask you: why is she allowed to get away with saying all this true stuff? Isn't it time the Australian judiciary tried to close her down, like they almost managed with that similarly evil Andrew Bolt?

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